About Us

Our Goal is to make the best quality skin care products for the dry air!

My Journey

Hi, I’m Martin and I’ve always had sensitive skin! I’ve tried using many different types of lotions and creams and although some worked better than others, nothing stopped my hands and feet from cracking and bleeding during Alberta’s harsh, dry winters. That led me on a path to discover the perfect hand/foot creams and body lotions. During my research I discovered that the perfect Cream and Lotion didn’t exist so I decided to make them.

Through extensive research and trial and error I created some amazing products designed specifically for a dry climate that work great! My wife and I started using them and they were working better than anything else we’ve ever used.

I started letting other people use them, specifically people at my work (physical work, outdoors) and they loved them. That’s when Airdrie Skin Care Started.

I won’t sell a product unless I’m convinced it works better than any comparable product available. I offer a limited selection of products but they’re each handcrafted in Airdrie, Alberta to be the best product of their kind for a reasonable price.