Questions and Answers


Q: How do you make your formulations?

A: The first and longest step to making a good product is research. Every ingredient used by Airdrie Skin Care is researched using scientific papers (not just blogs of peoples opinions). After researching the safety and efficacy of ingredients it’s time to put them together (Formulating). Formulating is as much an art form as a science. The ingredients need to work together with no contraindications. For every successful formulation there’s lots of failed formulations but you can be confident that all the formulations that eventually make it as a product Airdrie Skin Care sells are safe and effective.

Q: How do you price your products?

A: Airdrie Skin Care makes premium products at an affordable price. We are constantly looking at other products (including their ingredients) and we can guarantee that there are no products on the market in the same price range that are as safe and effective as our products.

Q: Are your products Vegan?

A: Yes. Airdrie Skin Care doesn’t source any ingredients from animals or their byproducts

Q: Are your products Preservative Free?

A: No. Any product that contains any amount of water needs a preservative or it’s just not safe to use. The Preservative system Airdrie Skin Care uses  is called Liquid Germall Plus and is one of the safest and most effective preservative systems available.

Q: Do you use Parabens?

A: No. I use a different type of preservative

Q: Are Humectants good or bad in a dry climate?

A: When humidity is low (like in Alberta) humectants can cause problems unless there’s an occlusive added to the product. All products Airdrie Skin Care makes are designed to be used in dry climates but can also be used in higher humidity climates, especially is you have issues with dry skin.

Q: Dimethicone is an occlusive, is it safe? Won’t it cause clogged pores?

A: Dimethicone is a Silicone that’s a safe and amazing ingredient to use for all skin types. It’s an occlusive but also low on the comedogenic scale. Of all the ingredients Airdrie Skin Care uses, Dimethicone has the most false information about it on the internet. There are lots of blogs online that will tell you silicone’s are not safe in skin care but the science shows the opposite to be true.